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Equality quickie

Best article in equality in parenting I’ve read in a long time. I don’t have anything to add to it. I hope that¬†we can also forge our way past the “you’ll see”s and find the parenting path that works for us. I’ll get back to you! ūüôā


I swear it is an actual conspiracy. But why? Why the need to dress babies in such muted colours?¬† The only excuse I’ve heard is that pastel colours are more ‘calming’. It would still be nice if they had bright options available…but maybe I’m a little weird and they just don’t sell well. Is that really it? Do people prefer pastel colours or is it just something people do because that’s the way it is? If you can’t be bothered with my post, skip to the end to see some of the stuff I’ve managed to buy.

Most of you already know of my disdain for pastel colours, but it doesn’t make it easier to find bright baby clothes just because that’s what I prefer. Frankly, the only place I’ve been able to find bright colours is online. It’s been hard to find sites, so I’m going to list a few for my future reference and for anybody else who likes bright colours. Most of these sites I have found¬†through Offbeat Mama (one of my favourite websites).

It’s just frustrating that it’s so difficult to find any bright colours in stores. The only colours that might occasionally come in bright form are pink and blue; and whilst I’m definitely not averse to these colours, I would like others as well. I received many beautiful baby items at the baby shower (for which I am very grateful for, if I haven’t already said).¬†Generally speaking things were predominantly white, and if I was really lucky, some green and red. I know that everybody tried really hard to find bright things, but for whatever reason, they are just really hard to find, particularly in the newborn section.

This leads to a realisation that I had just recently. I have made no secret of my disdain for gender stereotyping by colours, proclaiming loudly to any unfortunate soul within earshot that colours shouldn’t matter. My epiphany is this: when I talk about gender neutral in this context, what I mean is that¬† I am hoping to dress my kid in bright colours (INCLUDING blue and pink)¬†no matter what gender they may be; when other people talk about gender neutral they think that it excludes blue and pink. Now, I will be honest in saying that my child will probably wear a lot more blue than pink; blue is my favourite colour (and Andrew’s). Hell, I got married in it. Part of me feels like I’m buying into the whole feminine = weak thing by preferring blue, but I’m pretty sure Mum can back me up in that it has always been my favourite colour from when I was a kid. I know that when Chelsea and I got similar presents mine came in blue and hers came in pink, because that’s what we preferred. I just prefer the so-called ‘cold/cool’ colours (blue, purple, green) over the ‘warm’ colours (red, orange, yellow,¬†pink).¬†But I’m getting off track: when I say to go bright, what I mean is to not consider gender at all. If I see something that is just gorgeous and it’s blue or pink – I’ll¬†buy it. It doesn’t matter if my son ends up in pink or my daughter ends up in blue. That’s the whole point.

Then there’s the other issue of clothing styles that are more feminine and masculine, but I think I’m too tired to get into that one. I will say that I hope I happily dress my son in a fairy tutu or my daughter in something….masculine. Isn’t that terrible? I can’t think of an outfit that is stereotypically ‘masculine’. Is this a by-product of the perception that masculinity = strength and therefore you can dress your daughters in whatever you like but boys can’t wear girls clothes?

I had intended to be more eloquent and thoughtful when tackling this topic…but I’m just so damn tired! I figure I’m allowed to be at almost 40 weeks.

So…here are some websites that I’ve found. Only one is Australian, I think. (Pink Giraffe)

And here are some of the things I’ve bought online so far. The nerdy maths things are from Inktastic, where you pick a print, what you want it printed on and its colour. The other bright onesies and muslin wraps are from Pink Giraffe. There will definitely be more to come…think I might sit down and do some online shopping over the next few days….

We’re nearly there, ladies and gents! At worst, I have a maximum of 2 weeks left. Braxton-Hicks contractions are becoming more frequent (but don’t get too excited, they’re not regular or anything). We’ve spent the weekend organising ourselves and had some time to ourselves – might be our last weekend together, which is both exciting and terrifying. The study is now set up with baby stuff; we bought a bookcase, unpacked clothes and things, though we still have some washing and a bit more organising to do.

I know that I promised this would be on time, but I poured all my energy into getting my work finished…..which I did!! Woohoo!! I am now really, really on maternity leave!! What a great feeling! Something tells me it’s limited, but Ima take all I can get. At least it waited until I finished my work and gave me a weekend with the boy. I have an antenatal appointment on Tuesday, so I imagine that they’ll be able to give me an indication of how soon it might be.

Anyway, hope you’re all well!

Peace out!


Maternity shoot

In no particular order, here are my favourite 15 shots that I am happy to put on the web. They were taken by the world-renowned photographer, Andrew Mark on my grandparents’ farm in Tawonga at 37.5 weeks. Some of them are very similar, I had intended to whittle down some more but I am running out of time.

So, enjoy! Remember to click on any individual photo to enlarge and you can scroll through the enlarged images if you so desire.


Yep, later than I’d ever been. Still trying to get that work done and I had a very full weekend. But more on that later.

So, at 38 weeks (last week) Parasite should have been about 49.8 cm and just under 3.1 kg; roughly the head and body size of an average female Allied Rock-wallaby. Still getting ‘preparation’ pains but nothing much to report. We had a couple of quiet days, enough to make me worry a bit, but again, we then had quite a few days of uber activity.

Pelvis is going okay, though my shins are still hurting when I walk, particularly on hills. Had an uh-mazing weekend at the Global Atheist convention and feel very inspired. I see a delivery from the book depository in my very near future!

This week I *promise* I’ll be more on time!

Peace out!


37 weeks

Yep, late again. It’s kinda still the weekend though, right?

This week has not been an overly pleasant week. My body is preparing for labour, which has meant I have had almost constant menstrual-like cramps, stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and vagina (yes, it’s a TMI, but deal) and painful Braxton-Hicks contractions.

On the bright side after a few days of not much movement, parasite is back moving with a vengeance, so at least I know it’s okay. I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow and they might be able to tell me if bugalugs is engaged (or on its way) yet. People are telling me that I’m starting to drop, though my overnight bathroom visits are staying at a constant 2-4.

Parasite should be measuring at roughly 48.6¬†cm and weighing just under 2.9 kg, if it is average (I have to admit I’m kinda hoping it will end up on the small side of average). This is roughly the head and body size of an average male quokka.

Those totally awesome cool baby clothes that I ordered arrived last week, so I’ll pop a picture or two of those up in the next post. For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my one year anniversary with my amazing partner!

Peace out!