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Ava 22 weeks/5 months

Well, what a month.

Our little munchkin is getting less little by the day. Now 63 cm, 6.7 kg and a head circumference of 42.6 cm. For some perspective, that puts her roughly on the 25th percentile for length, 40th percentile for weight and the 80th percentile for head circumference. We have a big boof head child! She has finally made the transition to 00 clothes…well, most of them anyway.

She still hasn’t rolled from back to tummy yet, but she’s gotten to an almost 120 degree angle and gets caught by her arm. She has rolled over ‘assisted’ – she got to the perpendicular, then grabbed my finger and pulled herself over.  I didn’t help her per se (she used her strength not mine), but she needed assistance of something else, so we’re not counting it yet. Any day now though.

She’s getting close to being able to sit by herself though. She can ‘slump’ by herself, leaning over her legs propped up by her arms, and she can also sit up if she’s holding onto someone’s fingers – again, using her own strength but still requiring the assistance of something solid.

She went through a phase of lifting her legs high in the air, perpendicularly to her body, which was pretty annoying when changing a nappy, let me tell you. Thankfully that’s gone, but replacing that she has now discovered her feet (on Wed 19th Sept)! It’s pretty cute watching her play with her feet…and chew on them. Yep, everything goes in that mouth of hers.

She’s trying very, very hard to crawl. Her little legs push and push and push and her arms are letting the team down. This leads to lots of face planting and circlework. Pretty damn cute. Particularly when she’s naked. Oooh! She *loves* naked tummy time. Yep. In stark contrast to hating being naked or on her tummy, not only does she like them both now but she loves them together. Crazy little minx.

She is a little less vocal than she was before, and for a couple of weeks there made some ‘interesting’ vocal sounds. She’s either a zombie or a lion. Not sure. Either way, it’s as funny as hell. She’s not doing it so much anymore.

Her sleep continued to get worse and worse – I was starting to get at my wits end by being woken every 1/2 hour to hour. I ended up calling PANDA (Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association) for help, and they were amazing. They recommended a sleep school and called them to advocate for me. I was all set to start last week until I discovered a shifty clause in my health insurance which meant I wasn’t eligible. So, given that the fees at this private sleep school were in excess of $4K, it wasn’t an option. Yes, I’m aware that there are state sleep schools, but not only do they have much longer waiting lists, but I’ve been told that they all pretty much use controlled crying, and I personally don’t support those tactics when Ava is still so young. HOWEVER. I had to get a referral for this sleep school and went to the doctor’s, and saw the new GP at my medical clinic. Was I in for a shock. HE IS AMAZING! Best doctor I think I’ve ever seen. He is knowledgeable, charismatic, made me feel at ease and has also delivered hundreds of babies in WA before coming here. Woot! So anyway, I mentioned to him that I thought that Ava had silent reflux and I’d love to trial some medication and he said, yep, let’s do it. This was about the 3rd or 4th doctor I’d asked and I’d been told no each time – ‘we only medicate in extreme circumstances and she’s not extreme’. Well, three days later and she’s only waking two or three times at night. A big F you to the other doctors and paediatricians, and a very big thank you to this new doctor. I freaking love you (and Zantac. Zantac is the bomb). We have reverted to some awful nights but I think (and very much hope) that it’s teething for real. She refused breast, bottle and, believe it or not, the dummy tonight. She has been biting my breast for a little while but really went to town on it tonight. Poor little tacker (and poor me). Some bonjela, nurofen and singing eventually knocked her out. Hope that tooth pops through soon.

We’re going to start her on solids soon – she has just started reaching for food. She reached for Andrew’s toast on the 14th Sept and now reaches for everything we eat. It’s not quite at the ohmygodineedtohavewhatyoureeating thing, but we’re going to start introducing it as soon as this teething (or whatever it is) settles. Exciting times in the Koetsveld-Mark household, I know.

Other good news…..she no longer has hip dysplasia! Woohoo!!! That’s exciting. No brace for my little munchkin. That’s a big relief. 🙂

She also has a couple of new favourite toys – she loves her Moo Cow that Grandma bought her (thanks Gran!), her Bear Bear that Grammy bought her (thanks Grammy!) and her music box that Grammy also bought her. Now, Grammy, it’s not quite being used the way it’s supposed to be….yeah, she chews on it. But check the video for 21 weeks – she freaking loves it! It’s very exciting, for some reason. Do you know what else she loved the other week? Kane! I know, scary, right? But her face lit up when she saw him and she kept doing the ‘look at him in delight and be so overcome with joy that I have to bury my face in mum’s chest until I calm down and then look at him again and be so overcome with joy…’ and so on and so forth. It was pretty damn cute.

The only other thing I discovered this month is that she doesn’t like hair dye. My hairdresser very kindly came to my home and did my hair last weekend, and whilst the toner was in, I thought I’d feed the girl. I lay her in my lap to feed her….and she screwed up her face and starting crying! I handed her back to Andrew, waited till she calmed down, and tried again. And she cried, again. I felt awful! She was starving so we had to give her a bit of formula. Bad mama. 😦

Well, I think that’s pretty much it. Over and out, peeps!


Extra photos again to compensate for last week:



Ava 21 weeks (4.81 months)

Short on photos this week I’m afraid:

Also cheating on the video – really belongs in last week but I pushed it along to this week to give you something to look at.

My little zombie loves her music box even more than Sophie….though probably not quite in the way it was intended.

Extra photos this week because next week I only have two:

Video of my blossoming zombie:

Many of you know Tessa, I realised the other day that we have known each other for nearly 20 years, which makes me feel pretty old (okay, 17, but old enough). So, Tessa gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help myself but share with you some pics of this gorgeous little guy. Hopefully they’ll grow up great friends together with Caleb (Sare’s gorgeous little boy who is 5 weeks older than Ava – haven’t featured him yet!)…though we can’t discount them hating each other with a passion. Only time will tell!

Yeah, I think maybe it’s a better idea to promise an update once a month and then you feel grateful for additional ones. Commence mass posting….now.

Showing our ‘standing’ and ‘sitting’ skills: