I know, it’s a week overdue. Christmas is a busy period, okay? She’s 7.5 kg, 67 cm long and has a head circumference of….I forget. Whatever the 75th percentile for 8 months is. Head circumference that is – she’s on the 25th percentile for everything else.

We’ve definitely nailed the reflux medication – she either doesn’t wake or only wakes once now, which is just awesome. I am finally getting some decent sleep! Woohoo!! So glad that’s sorted. 🙂 She’s also usually having 2-3 naps a day, usually 1.5 hours – 2 hours long now. Yay!

She still very much loves her solids – she’s losing interest in breast every day at the moment. I’m starting to lose interest as well, because the little beach is biting me quite frequently at the moment, and boy, does that hurt with two little sharp teeth. I can’t figure out how to stop her. I scream, yell, swear, tell off calmly, remove her from the breast, offer later, don’t reoffer….and everytime she thinks it’s hilarious. If she keeps this up, weaning is going to be sooner than I originally thought. She might be teething though – her top two teeth look a little bulgy. Maybe they’ll come through soon and she’ll stop biting. I digress though…she’s eating a piece of vegemite toast in the morning in addition to her two veggie meals, and anything else she can get her hands on.

She isn’t quite crawling yet…she still caterpillars around but she’s mastered the art of pulling to a stand. Well, mostly. She can do it on surfaces that are low enough for her (e.g. the bath, but not quite the coffee table yet), but she hasn’t quite mastered the skill of sitting back down. She’s also just figured out how to hold her sippy cup (on her 8-month birthday no less!).

Probably my favourite milestone so far though….she’s finally started babbling. She’s only on ‘ba ba ba ba’ at the moment (though last night when crying she said ‘ma ma ma ma ma ma’, but technically that belongs in the 9 month post), but it is a-freaking-dorable. Better than the squeals she usually gives.

She’s transitioning to size 0 clothing, but that should hopefully last her all through summer. She has a plethora of dresses but we’ve just realised that she can’t wear them that often because it’s impeding her ability to learn to crawl properly. Boo.

Changing her nappy has become more difficult now, because she’s always rolling over ontoher tummy in order to crawl away….pesky baby!! Not really funny when she’s pooed everywhere.

I can’t think of what else she’s done this month…but let’s be honest…you’re not here for the words! Here is what you’ve come for:


So this one is way too long, but it’s so freaking cute I just couldn’t cut it short. Bath giggles:

The caterpillar:

Dancing with Dada:

Until next month, peace out!