Holy crap! 3/4 of a year already. Can’t believe that in 3 months my little monkey will be a year old. It has been an eventful month. She is now 69 cm, has a head circumference of 44.5 cm and has unfortunately lost weight and is back to 7.5 kg. She has been sick for two weeks and counting. It’s definitely on the improve – she now is just sooky (as all damn hell) and has a snotty nose. Beats the 39.5 degree fever and constant screaming and crying that we had for about a week there. Which week? Oh yeah, the week we were in Swan Hill, so poor Grammy couldn’t give her a cuddle. 😦 She went off nearly all food, but now she’s back breastfeeding with a vengeance – probably almost doubling her normal intake, so I’m feeling a bit tired.

This month has been very physical. She started crawling early in the month – she had a few days of doing a few ‘crawls’ then falling back to the caterpillar, then one day she woke up and it was just like she had decided that she was done with caterpillaring. She just started crawling and hasn’t looked back. She can get a fair speed up now, which is keeping Pixel on her toes. Fun times.

She has definitely got the pulling-to-a-stand thing figured – there is not a surface within reach that she can’t get to, which makes storing things on the coffee table quite interesting. She can also now plonk herself back down well, which is good because the few days where she couldn’t and she’d just stand there and cry. In addition to that, she is also cruising (walking whilst holding onto furniture) very well. She had about two days where it was slow and shaky, but now she sees something and goes for it. She can also switch between the couch and the coffee table, which I think is pretty impressive, though she hasn’t figured out corners on her own yet – she can use me to round the corner of the coffee table, but can’t do it on her own yet – she plonks herself down and crawls to reposition herself.

Today (probably belongs in the 10 month post) she even got herself off the scramble bug, which went much better than I was expecting.

Little monkey also now has 7 teeth with another on the way in the next few days. She had three come through in 9 days and another two within another couple of weeks. She won’t even be 9.5 months when she has 8 teeth. Hopefully teething gives us a bit of a rest for a while before the dreaded molars come through.

She mostly babbles with ‘bababa’ but when she’s sooky she says ‘mamama’, which I can’t figure out if it’s a good thing or not. Awesome that she hasn’t said ‘dadada’ yet (because it annoys Andrew) but sucky that he can legitimately say ‘she wants you’. Dammit.

One advantage of her being sick for so long is that she’s been pretty tired at nights (well, her sleeping hasn’t been great), which means that she has fallen asleep on me a few times after her night milk feed. Awwww. So gorgeous. Just trying to lap it up before she’s back to normal health and definitely not sleeping on me. She also got put to bed by somebody other than me for the first time (Andrew), with no night milk feed because I went out to a birthday. I felt anxious the entire time (clearly), but she coped fine with it. Good to know, because we have a wedding this weekend and Grandma gets to put her to bed. Not sure how that will go, but we will only be half an hour away so we can come back if need be.

She had her first time at the beach as well…we went to Cam’s in Anglesea. I’d love to say she loved it, but it was the beginning of the cold, so she wasn’t doing too well at that point. I think that if she was well she’d enjoy it, but we’ll have to wait till next time to see I guess.

We’re getting more adventurous with food – we’ve had corn, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and even spaghetti bolognese, which was pretty damn messy, but a load of fun. Well, for her anyway.

Christmas was exciting – she was very spoilt by everybody and actually liked pretty much everything she was given. The big winners were her ‘scramble bug’ (a ladybug ‘bike’) and her coloured rings, but she still plays with everything else she has been given. Seeing her on her ‘bike’ has made me a bit sad – she is growing up so quickly!

Hopefully next update she will have regained that weight.

Here’s what you come for:

First time on the scramble bug:

A quick crawl:

I will also be uploading a few other photos to Facebook soon, a few more Christmas photos as well as updating the Ava photos over there.

Peace out!