Yes, I’m late. But you’ve got twitter and instagram to keep you company at the moment, and pictures are way more awesome than blabber, right?

She’s growing up so quickly! On Friday (the 8th) she weighed in at 7.9 kg, measured 72 cm and had a head circumference of 45 cm. She got that eighth tooth at 9 months 13 days, so not long after I posted her 9 month update. She’s teething again, but I think it’s just the teeth moving rather than breaking through any time soon. Poor monkey.

That cold lasted for about a month and developed into a bronchial infection for which she had to have antibiotics. She is finally better, though probably not for long – because she’s just started childcare! It’s only one day a week and she’s coping with it surprisingly well (better than me, I think). I only cried a little bit! Technically she cried more than me, so ner. Only a little bit of crying, lots of playing (though needed to be held most of the time I think). When I arrived to pick her up from her first orientation, she didn’t even cry like she usually does when I turn up after being away – she crawled over to me, and even waved goodbye to the staff. I thought that was pretty good for a sooky-la-la.

She’s had a couple of nights now without her milk feed – we successfully went to a wedding and she ate dinner and went to bed without complaint for Grandma, which was fantastic. She has done it once more, when I went to Soundwave last week. She’s still feeding well and it hasn’t seemed to affect my milk supply, which is reassuring. It’s nice to know that theoretically I could have a night away from her!

She’s been saying mamamama a lot recently, and has added yayaya to her vocabulary – no dadada yet. Hehehe. She’s getting more and more mobile – everything is to be tackled. She can easily round corners now, and has started climbing at every opportunity, which Andrew blames on swimming lessons (I’ll elaborate next paragraph). She is also now able to get on and off her Scramble Bug all by herself, which is a little nerve-wracking to watch because you feel like she is going to fall over as it moves whilst she’s in the process, but she manages to hold it steady and get on (or off). She also doesn’t like to zoom around on it anymore – she likes to ‘pedal’ along the ground, so it’s slow, back-straining chugging along for the moment. We bought her a walker and although she was uncertain about it in the beginning, she pushes it along reasonably easily now. It’s better on carpet because it doesn’t scoot along too quickly for her.

She has started taking swimming lessons, which both she and I really enjoy. It’s mostly singing and splashing in the water so that they feel comfortable, and the most practical part of it is teaching them how to crawl out of the pool if they fall in. So, she’s started climbing on the couch up onto the windowsill, and crawling up and down the windowsill, much to the anxiety of her grandparents.

So, I have recently joined instagram at the behest of my sister. I’m not sure I’ll stick with it yet – I don’t really like to be limited to square photographs, but we’ll see. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (with which I share my instagram photos), I think that you can access the photos that I’m putting up on this link: At this stage I’m trialling it throughout March following a ‘Photo a day’ activity. That might help get you some Ava fixes if you require it.

Hopefully next update won’t be quite so late.

Chasing the screen saver:

Cruising around:

Getting Mama kisses:

Peace out!