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39 weeks

We’re nearly there, ladies and gents! At worst, I have a maximum of 2 weeks left. Braxton-Hicks contractions are becoming more frequent (but don’t get too excited, they’re not regular or anything). We’ve spent the weekend organising ourselves and had some time to ourselves – might be our last weekend together, which is both exciting and terrifying. The study is now set up with baby stuff; we bought a bookcase, unpacked clothes and things, though we still have some washing and a bit more organising to do.

I know that I promised this would be on time, but I poured all my energy into getting my work finished…..which I did!! Woohoo!! I am now really, really on maternity leave!! What a great feeling! Something tells me it’s limited, but Ima take all I can get. At least it waited until I finished my work and gave me a weekend with the boy. I have an antenatal appointment on Tuesday, so I imagine that they’ll be able to give me an indication of how soon it might be.

Anyway, hope you’re all well!

Peace out!



Maternity shoot

In no particular order, here are my favourite 15 shots that I am happy to put on the web. They were taken by the world-renowned photographer, Andrew Mark on my grandparents’ farm in Tawonga at 37.5 weeks. Some of them are very similar, I had intended to whittle down some more but I am running out of time.

So, enjoy! Remember to click on any individual photo to enlarge and you can scroll through the enlarged images if you so desire.


Yep, later than I’d ever been. Still trying to get that work done and I had a very full weekend. But more on that later.

So, at 38 weeks (last week) Parasite should have been about 49.8 cm and just under 3.1 kg; roughly the head and body size of an average female Allied Rock-wallaby. Still getting ‘preparation’ pains but nothing much to report. We had a couple of quiet days, enough to make me worry a bit, but again, we then had quite a few days of uber activity.

Pelvis is going okay, though my shins are still hurting when I walk, particularly on hills. Had an uh-mazing weekend at the Global Atheist convention and feel very inspired. I see a delivery from the book depository in my very near future!

This week I *promise* I’ll be more on time!

Peace out!


37 weeks

Yep, late again. It’s kinda still the weekend though, right?

This week has not been an overly pleasant week. My body is preparing for labour, which has meant I have had almost constant menstrual-like cramps, stabbing pains in my lower abdomen and vagina (yes, it’s a TMI, but deal) and painful Braxton-Hicks contractions.

On the bright side after a few days of not much movement, parasite is back moving with a vengeance, so at least I know it’s okay. I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow and they might be able to tell me if bugalugs is engaged (or on its way) yet. People are telling me that I’m starting to drop, though my overnight bathroom visits are staying at a constant 2-4.

Parasite should be measuring at roughly 48.6 cm and weighing just under 2.9 kg, if it is average (I have to admit I’m kinda hoping it will end up on the small side of average). This is roughly the head and body size of an average male quokka.

Those totally awesome cool baby clothes that I ordered arrived last week, so I’ll pop a picture or two of those up in the next post. For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my one year anniversary with my amazing partner!

Peace out!


36 weeks

Look! An on-time post! I am amazing!

After last week’s post (which was only put up a few days ago), I remembered what else I was going to share with you all. Not related to pregnancy at all…..but I bought tickets to go see David Attenborough in August!! Woot!! I can’t wait! I think I’m even more excited about that than the atheist convention I’ve got in a couple of weeks….though that will be awesome as well.

Darling parasite is active as ever, though we have said goodbye to the sudden kicks I believe. It has taken to pushing a foot/knee/elbow/something pointy out my right side (very close to my ribs) when walking, which is uncomfortable to say the least. At 36 weeks, it should be about 47.4 cm and just over 2.6 kg, which is roughly the head and body size of an average female black-footed rock-wallaby. Apparently it’s starting to drop, says my osteopath, and I think I am feeling slightly more pressure on my bladder – going to the bathroom an absolute minimum of 2, usually 3 times a night now. Just very gradually increasing.

Had an antenatal appointment on Tuesday, and although no measurements were taken, the obstetrician had a bit of a feel and told me that it wasn’t a big baby (phew!), and that currently it is not engaged. For anybody unfamiliar with that terminology, it means that the baby’s head hasn’t dropped into my pelvis yet. I’m okay with that, because that’s a good sign that labour isn’t coming anytime soon.

I also saw the physio at the hospital, and whilst she didn’t get off to a good start in my opinion (her response to “I’m feeling better, I’m walking again, but I can’t run anymore” was “Well, you shouldn’t be running anyway!”), she backed up everything my osteo has said – I have pelvic instability and need to avoid exercises that has me spreading my legs too much (like running, unfortunately). I bought a maternity support belt which feels AMAZING, though my osteo doesn’t want me to wear it too much because she doesn’t want my body to become too dependent on it. Fair enough.

I’m starting to get a little frustrated with the china-doll approach recently. Whilst it’s nice that everybody wants to help you out; “Here, let me get that for you…”, I do sometimes have to bite my tongue to not say “I’m pregnant, not incapable dammit!” If I have one more person tell me to rest, I might just hit them. No Dad, that’s not an invitation! *sigh*

But…there is one thing I haven’t enlightened you about yet. The indignity of a GBS swab. At 36 weeks, they recommend that you have a swab to test for the levels of Group B streptococcus. My understanding of it is that many women have naturally occuring populations of this bacteria in their vagina, but that if the levels are too high at birth the baby *might* develop an infection. So, they test you and if your levels are too high you are offered antibiotics at birth. Sure, okay. Whatever. Seems to me that it will be quicker than a pap smear, and hey, you’re the doctor/midwife. However. I was not prepared for what the test actually entailed…..because I am an educator, I’m going to tell you about it. However, I know that many people won’t want to read about it OR may have difficulties looking me in the eye, so if you don’t want to know, skip the last paragraph after the photo!!

So, I have my last day of work (well, salary work) tomorrow! Woohoo!! I am very excited to see the end of that day! Not much else to report though, hopefully next week I will have had more time and maybe even bought some stuff! I think I’m starting to feel the ‘nesting’ coming on…I’m itching to clean out all the cupboards and throw out a heap of junk. Next week, Gadget. Next week. Hey, who knows – maybe I’ll even have time to post more often. Yeah, I make me laugh too.



So the GBS swab. First off the doctor informs me that they now get the patient to do it themselves. Okay, my cumbersome abdomen might make that awkward, but I know where my vagina is, so I guess I can do that. So he hands me a sealed package containing a very long cotton bud and tells me to insert it about an inch to take the sample. Righto then. Then….what I was not expecting. AFTER you take this sample, you then need to take a sample from your anus WITH THE SAME SWAB. Yep. I’d like to take a moment to point out that whilst all women know where to aim to take a vaginal swab, not all women know exactly where to aim to take an anal swab. So, with my already used cotton bud, it took some awkward (don’t forget the belly in the way) misfirings until I hit the right uncomfortable point. Dignity, I don’t haz it anymore. I felt violated by myself. Yes, it’s okay if you are laughing until you’re crying. Goodness knows Andrew did. Thank you, loving and supportive husband. You are awesome. *whack*


Peace out!


35 weeks

Only one more week left of (salary) work! Woot!!

Parasite should now be roughly 46.2 cm long and weigh just under 2.4 kg. No wonder I feel like a beast! That’s roughly the head and body size of an average common spotted cuscus.

We’ve had a hiccup-y week, probably around twice a day each week. I now know why Mum found them so annoying. Stop drinking the amniotic fluid, you git!

I have discovered with great sadness that even light jogging is out. Went for my morning walk and decided to jog part of the way back. Felt great at the time, but after I got back my pelvis decided that it was not a good idea. Thankfully, sitting on a heat pack all day has meant I’m not suffering anymore, but I won’t be trying to jog again. Le sigh.

I also ordered a few things online the other day….but I might wait till they arrive before I wow you with their awesomeness.

Anyway, I’ve still got some work to do, so best do that so I can enjoy next weekend fully!

Peace out!



34 weeks

Time is sure scooting along. I’m feeling a bit better now; had a treatment on Wednesday with my osteo and I’m pleased to report I’m allowed to walk and swim again. Strangely enough, I’m not allowed on my bike for the remainder of my pregnancy, but if I’m feeling good I could probably jog or run with caution. Stupid pelvis.

Parasite should be measuring around 45 cm and weighing in at just under 2.2 kg this week, roughly the head and body size of an average mountain brushtail possum (sometimes known as the bobuck). Still being alien-y, and I still haven’t caught it on film.

Nothing but work going on this week really. My pelvis is a lot better but I’m still getting a lot of back pain, but there’s not much I can do about it until Parasite decides to make its way into the world. Only two weeks left of work! Woohoo!

Because I don’t have much to report on, I’ll leave with you a bonus additional photograph of my other two gorgeous children!

Peace out!


33 weeks

I love technology. Don’t have an internet connection? Tether your phone to your computer so you can update your blog from sunny Shepparton whilst everyone is out running in the Fire Brigade State Championships.

So….I think I’ve really hit the point of being a little bit over this whole pregnancy thing. This is probably because my pelvic instability is back with a vengeance – so much so that I’ve been banned from all form of exercise (including walking and swimming!) until my osteo can treat me a few times. Not that I can actually do these things without being in excruciating pain. Essentially I’m confined to sitting down with a heat pack for the next few days at least. Needless to say I’m frustrated to the point where I feel like punching people. A lot. I can put it down to crazy pregnant woman, perhaps? Irrespective, I’m looking forward to getting mobile again, but I don’t know when it’s going to happen. Have I mentioned how much I hate rest? I don’t do rest. It sucks. It’s boring, makes me achy, fidgety, grumpy and tired. Hurrumph.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, Ninjasite has had a good active week. No real kicking anymore, but lots of pushing and alien-like moments. It seems to be awake more often these days. That can’t be a good sign. It should be measuring around 43.7 cm and weighing in at about 1.9 kg, around the average size of a female platypus from south-east QLD. You wouldn’t believe the size variation the humble platypus has across the country.

We had a great time last Friday when we went to Soundwave – Parasite went to its first music festival and I’m proud to say it rocked along well. I think that I freaked a few people out a little – apparently they’ve never seen a pregnant woman jumping up and down like crazy to Slipknot before. I don’t know who these people hang around! 🙂 All I got was ‘Wow – how are you doing that?’ Well, it’s easy. You jump. Then repeat. ‘No, but how are YOU doing that?’ Same as you – jumping. People were great though – I’ve never had so many people give me so much room before and make an effort to not smoke near me. They were even protective for me ‘Watch out! She’s pregnant!’ and I even got told that I was the coolest chick a guy had ever met. I should be pregnant all the time. Except very much not.

I’d also like to take the time out to mention how much I love Slipknot. Yes, it’s an acquired taste, but for a band that seems ‘evil’, they were the only band that I saw that didn’t incite a circle pit and took the time out to remind everybody to look out for the person next to them. Lotta love.

Had an antenatal appointment on Monday and everything is cooking along splendidly. At 32.5 weeks I measured….32.5 weeks. Oh, that reminds me. I’m officially moving my due date back to the 25th, if anybody cares. No, a day doesn’t matter (mind you I think their dates are out by a few days….but technically it’s biologically possible, so whatever), but it was the inconsistency that annoyed me. Through the early scans they had me conceiving on a Wednesday and then when she gave me my due date it was a Thursday. I couldn’t figure out what had happened….and then it occurred to me that the doctor didn’t factor in the leap year this year. I confirmed with the midwife that that was what likely happened, so in fact we’re expecting on ANZAC day. I know that a day doesn’t matter and babies almost never come on their due date, but that’s not the point. You know me. I like facts and numbers. According to facts and numbers, I’m due on the 25th, dammit. Man, I so hope I don’t go over. I guess the best way to look at it is that now I’ve got a maximum of 8.5 weeks left. Counting…..down!

And now I should REALLY get back to work! Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend! This week you even get a little peek at PixelKitten.

Peace out!


32 weeks

Yep, it’s late.

Bugalugs should be measuring in at 42.5 cm and weighing in at roughly 1.7 kg. That’s roughly the head and body size of an average banded hare-wallaby, and nowhere near as cute I’m sure. I mean, I love you, unborn child. I swear.

Last weekend we had the birthing class, and despite being desperately long-winded, it was pretty useful. The first two hours were the most painful; we started off with an outdated thing on exercise and pregnancy – great that you’re telling people to exercise, but advising them to stop frequently and measure their heart rate….not so much. That just scares people away from doing anything that might make the breathe heavier than normal. Le sigh.

We then moved onto the stages of labour. Great, need to know the signs. Unfortunately this took about 2 hours, rather than the 10 minutes you really needed. Andrew amused himself by writing down answers to quizzes that I am grateful that we didn’t have to share later on…such as ‘Even doctors don’t want to touch them’ to the question ‘Why do some deliveries involve forceps?’ My husband, ladies and gentlemen. I’m really sorry, unfortunately for you all, he’s taken. I could loan him out though.

Next we did a tour of the hospital which was the best part of the class – I now finally understand what happens at the hospital with procedures and things, and the birthing rooms are great – they even have their own fridges and CD players.

Afterwards we looked at pain relief options, which again could have been done in 10 minutes but took about an hour or so (but was effective enough that Andrew went and bought a TENS machine on eBay a few days ago). A quick DVD and chat about breastfeeding and finally the six hours were over. Could have been done in two hours, but it was useful so I didn’t mind.

On an unrelated note, after my quick thoughts post another article came up that I thought a good read.

Also, completely unrelated: I freaking love nerds:

Floppy disk 1

Floppy disk 2

On that note, I’m going to go do some work. Joy of infinite joys!

Peace out!


31 weeks

Only 9 weeks left! That’s starting to get a little close for comfort methinks. At 31 weeks, ninjasite should be measuring in at just over 41 cm and weighing in at a whopping 1.5 kg. No wonder gravity feels so much stronger these days! It’s about the size (head, body AND tail) of an average male numbat. Yes, I should be more consistent with the head/body and head/body/tail measurements, but it’s kinda hard to find stuff that fits.

As mentioned in my previous brief post, things have been busy. My foot is still not 100%, so I still haven’t been running or walking. If it doesn’t fix itself soon, I might not be able to get back into running. Hurry up, stupid foot! We had two weddings on the weekend, so I finally got to take that shot showing my face for you, mum. I also doubt that I’ll ever look that good in this dress (or have the confidence to wear it) again:

Ninjasite is becoming distinctly less ninja-like: less organ-directed kicking, more Sigourney-Weaver-scene-reminiscent pushing. Not sure which hurts more though. Can’t make out anything distinct (e.g. a foot) yet, but it sure as hell feels and looks likes it’s going to break out of my skin. Haven’t managed to catch it on film yet, but I’m trying! I’m getting less….comfortable symptoms, such as sharp stabbing pains in places no woman wants sharp stabbing pains. Apparently this is a ‘normal’ symptom of pregnancy. Let me assure you, there is nothing normal about this sensation. I understand tiredness, sore back, ligament pain…..but is this stabbing pain some kind of sick cosmic joke? The universe is all like, ‘Ha ha, you had sex. Now I punish you by stabbing you with knife so you never fully comfortable having sex again.’ Screw you universe, you malicious bastard. It’s like Dane with ants. Seriously. Quit it.

We have a birthing class on this weekend, which should be….interesting. Hopefully we’ll learn information about actual processes in the hospital and Andrew doesn’t roll his eyes more than three times. That’s my aim.  I’ll report at my hopefully on-time 32 week post. For now, I should REALLY get back to work!

Peace out!