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Bed making

Look! A post completely unrelated to baby shit!

Andrew finally finished our bed, and I promised a few people that I’d post a few pictures when it was done. I have to admit that I’m uber proud of Andrew for this – he made everything – right down to the brackets which I assumed that he bought and he got quite disgruntled and pointedly told me that he cut, bent, drilled and painted them all on his own. He is so clever! Well, I think so anyway.

So, without further ado… on any photo and it will pop up larger for you to see. And no, my cat is not stretching. She is sleeping. Crazy kitten.


Once upon a time…

…there lived a girl with loads of time to update a blog in a regular fashion.

Fairytales, huh?

Many of you have been complaining about not seeing pictures and updates and things of my ever-expanding waistline. This is my solution. Theoretically I will update once a week, but in addition to photos and tidbits I may occasionally post my musings or links to other stuff I find interesting. You’re disappointed, I can tell. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to.  I can’t bloody well drink, so give a girl a break. I will eventually post some more photos on my Flickr stream, but for now you can cope with my next post.

Peace out!