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Long overdue…

…and more to come soon, hopefully.

Promise I’ll write some stuff and maybe post a few vids too. *When* I get around to it.


Ava’s second year through my phone lens:


Instagram media

For those of you who don’t have instagram/twitter, here is the collection of photos I took for March in a ‘Photo a day’ challenge. I did get slack towards the end – not all of them are taken on the day they were supposed to be. Whatevs.

Each of the photos have a caption – you can either click on a photo and scroll through as normal, or you can hover your cursor over any photo to see its caption.

More media coming soon, but that should whet your appetite for a bit. 🙂


Ava 6 months edit

Oh yeah….she’s now 7.1 kg, 64 cm long and has a head circumference of 43 cm. If you care.

Ava 16 weeks

Having a chat in the bouncer:

Wanting her Sophie: