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23 weeks

And what a week it has been!

Little parasite should now roughly be 29 cm in length, which is the entire length (head, body and tail) of an average Western barred bandicoot. It should also be weighing in at about half a kilo! Yep, that’s an entire tub of butter. Mmmm….tasty, delicious butter.

The biggest excitement for this week was when Andrew put his ear to my stomach and was able to hear the little alien’s heartbeat. He was pretty taken aback with how fast it beats (roughly 160 bpm for the curious).

It’s really starting to distend my stomach (no doubt about my condition now!) and we can often locate how it’s sitting by feeling for the ‘hard bits’. So, of course, Andrew’s favourite game at the moment is to find where it’s hard and place a bit of pressure till it kicks/punches back and then shifts. Very funny, sunshine. It’s all fun and games until someone gets kicked in the bladder so hard that they nearly wet themselves and have to stagger to the toilet. Though Andrew informs me that that is still fun for him. Bastard.

Though we totally got him back yesterday morning when Andrew snuggled up to me for a spoon and consequently got kicked in the butt by the Parasite. Good job, honey!

I would also like to report that I totally made it through Christmas without any weight gain. This was pretty exciting for me, given what usually happens at Christmas. And for those furrowing their brows with concern, don’t worry. I’m still at the VERY top range for weight gain for somebody of my size at this juncture. Well, that’s what the internet tells me. Stupid internet.

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and you’ve still got some time off to enjoy! You even get the pleasure of an Andrew-taken photo today. Aren’t you lucky??

Peace out!



22 weeks

We’ve had a pretty damn active week this week, and the parasite is becoming a lot more responsive – kicking and pushing in response to where we poke, prod and place pressure. Not that we would antagonise it. Not.

Going by averages, Parasite is just under 28 cm long now.  That’s about the head and body length of an average yellow-bellied glider. It should also be weighing around 430 g.

In other news, I’ve strained my foot so I can’t walk for at least another day and can’t run for another week. Sad face. I’m allowed to ride though, so I’ll be getting on my bike after dinner – at least after it cools down.

Until next week when no doubt Christmas will contribute to my expanding waistline.

Peace out!


Active little shit

So….last night the little parasite was being pretty active, and we thought we’d whip out the camera and see if we could film it. It did not disappoint. And we are so screwed.

Two disclaimers though:

1. Movements are quite subtle (compared to the motion of my breathing) so it’s nothing to get too excited over (I am only a bit over 21 weeks), which leads me to my next point:

2. Probably only exciting for grandparents/immediate family – 2 minutes of stomach going up and down with little wobbles in between. Don’t feel obliged.

In other news I went for a really great run this morning…..5.6 km in 30 minutes (albeit with very regular stops for the drink fountain – so it took me about 40 minutes to get 30 minutes running in). Feeling pretty damn chirpy today! 🙂





21 weeks

Holy crap. Where did that halfway point come from?

Parasite is jumping around like crazy. Apparently my darling little symbiote would be measuring almost 27 cm from head to heel (going on averages), about 1 cm more than the length (not including limbs) of an average grey-headed flying fox. No, I can’t resist.

I had my first ‘Oh man!’ moment where I really wished I could have had a drink (and I don’t mean the small glass that I will happily indulge in) at our Christmas party yesterday.  Would have loved to have rocked on with everybody, but apparently binge-drinking is bad when you’re pregnant. So I’m told anyway. Meh, since when I have ever listened to anybody?? On the bright side, looks like riding my bike can pretty much resume normality – no more awful discomfort.

Peace out!


…there lived a girl with loads of time to update a blog in a regular fashion.

Fairytales, huh?

Many of you have been complaining about not seeing pictures and updates and things of my ever-expanding waistline. This is my solution. Theoretically I will update once a week, but in addition to photos and tidbits I may occasionally post my musings or links to other stuff I find interesting. You’re disappointed, I can tell. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to.  I can’t bloody well drink, so give a girl a break. I will eventually post some more photos on my Flickr stream, but for now you can cope with my next post.

Peace out!